Over the years Neethi Vedhi has built up effective links for collaborative ministry for the target people in our area. It is from a realization that we cannot work alone, our resources and possibilities are limited and there are many other agencies who are stakeholders of the same mission. Networking with mutual respect is imperative today for effective social interventions.

SAP -Subaltern Alliance for Peace

From 2007 onwards Neethi Vedhi is a partner organization of a network in South India working for the human rights of Adivasis, Dalits, women and minorities, which is at present called as Subaltern Alliance for Peace. The member organizations are being supported by Mensen met een Missie, an organization from Netherlands. SAP is committed to strive for peace and justice in our country and in the world at large, especially for the vulnerable sections of the society. Conflict resolution and Peace building is the approach used by this network.

SCN - Sisters of Charirty and Nazareth

From 2005 onwards Neethi Vedhi is associated with SCN sisters who are committed for the rights and development of tribes, women and girl children. SCN has helped us to train Adivasi students for a number of years and to help the flood victims to build up livelihood measures. Neethi Vedhi office is at present housed in the building owned by SCN sisters at Kakkavayal. The Pratheeksha project of SCN sisters is being implemented in collaboration with Neethi Vedhi in Wayanad district.

Kerala State Social Wefare Board

From 2008 onwards Neethi Vedhi is a Service Provider recognized by the Kerala State Social Wefare Board which is part of Women and Child Ministry of Kerala state. The main purpose is to provide support to the survivors of domestic violence in our area. We ensure legal and psychological counseling and assistance to the women as per the guidelines of the Board.