Women Empowerment Programs

From the very beginning, Neethi Vedhi devotes much time and energy to ensure women rights in the society in various ways. The role of women is highlighted in the very organizational set up itself. Women have been playing key role in running this organization both in the Governing Body and as staff members. We also network with different women organizations in addressing the women issues in this state.

a) Service Provider: Neethi Vedhi is officially recognized service provider for supporting women survivors of domestic violence in Wayanad district. We associate with the Ministry of Women and Child in the state of Kerala in this regard. Legal and psychological counseling are given as and when required.

b) Awareness sessions: Neethi Vedhi staffs are entrusted to organize classes for women especially in the Adivasi hamlets and other backward areas regarding their rights in the family and society. Kudumbashree groups, Anganwadies and other women organizations are collaborating in this mission.

c) Women at Work place: Recently Neethi Vedhi has started giving special attention to ensure the rights of women at work place. Interactive sessions are organized for groups of women in plantations, textile shops and other enterprises. Trained staff members are entrusted to intervene in the issues related to the exploitation of women workers.

d) Network to counter violence against women and child: Neethi Vedhi is always willing to join with other likeminded organizations and movements working to counter abuse, exploitation and violence against women and child. Gender equality is our priority and mission.